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[pirate squad]

  • The InterGalactic Party Squad
    Jeffbee and Buckaroo - Senior Party Leaders

  • Department of The Internet
    Captain Chaos - Site Administrator, igps.org
    Buckaroo - Webmaster

  • Department of Publications
    Jeffbee - Editor In Chief

  • Department of Reality
    Buckaroo - Chief of Operations, Field Division
    Adrienne - Web Administrator, DoR Web Site

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

  • Bureau of Controlled Substances

  • Department of Theology

    Realistic Order of Higher Health and Consciousness (Reformed)
    Jeffbee - Bishop

    Ministry of Chaos
    Episkipos Buckaroo - POEE Priest

  • Royal Order of the Bent Barrel

  • Department of Collections & Morale
    Pain - Collections Supervisor
    Suffering - Morale Officer

This chart is incomplete and in flux. Changes and additions will be posted irregularly.

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