June 26, 2005 © copyright
headtrip production
[pirate squad]

In the Beginning, there was the Wall, and the Wall was Blank.

And the Founders looked upon the Wall, and saw that it was Blank, and said "This is Not Good."

And so the Founders gathered unto Themselves a pair of Assistants, and the Founders looked upon Thier Assistants, and said "This is getting Better."

And the Four of them began to alter thier reality, and they said, "This is Groovy."

And the Party, for it had become a Party, began to Glow.

And then they found the Magic Crayon, which glowed like a Star in the Night, yet became clear in the light of the Sun.

And they took the Magic Crayon, and began to tell thier Tale to the Wall.

And thus, the Wall became a vision of Twisted Truth and Altered Sanity that Glowed with etherial fire, so that all who looked upon it would understand, and say "Wow."

And the Founders relayed thier Party Wisdom to a distant world known as "Katy Achex," so that they may pass this wisdom on to all.

And so they became known as the InterGalactic Party Squad.

And the Founders looked upon the events of the Night, and the Wall, and in great joy, They proclaimed, "Yeah..."

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