IGPS Mission to Mars!

We've Landed!

9 July, 1997
3:35 am
Central Daylight Time
This magnificent event shows what can be achieved when thinking "out of the box" and "off the shelf". This faster, cheaper IGPS mission to Mars was achieved over the course of one evening and cost absolutely nothing to produce.
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All images have been colour-enhanced to enrich your experience of "being there".


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The "Virtual Mars Lander" (a Moody Blues CD cover) has been officially honoured with the name
Dr. Timmothy Leary Memorial Station

This is the entire Tim Leary Memorial landing area. Notice the wide variety of bioforms present to greet Fab1 in this new world. In this image, the Fab1 "Rover" is being attacked by a "Hostile Bioform". This difficulty was ultimately overcome without interplanetary incident. The large flat artifact in the foreground is "Chip". The smaller artifact to its right is "Crumb". Both will be sniffed by Fab1 to determine their relevance to this mission. This image of Fab1 was taken in poor lighting conditions. Mission Directors have plans to image Fab1 in better light tomorrow, after they have covered their tracks.