Jeffbee owns nothing of value and therefore is only minimally succeptable to lawsuits attempting to attach monetary wealth or objects of value. I am, however, a reasonable person and can be negotiated with.

If I have posted something to this site that you feel should be removed, please email me your pittiful plea, along with a good reason, and any threats of legal action or physical/metaphysical violence, etc.

If, for some reason, you want to be a pissant and wish to initiate legal procedings, get in line. I have nothing now, and I'll still have nothing when the IRS, Student Loan people, Phone Company, Credit Card Companies, etc. get through with me. If you think I owe you money too, you're in good company.

All organizations and/or affiliations apparently held or controlled by Jeffbee are fictitious, even if they are believed in by a few other people. I have no magical powers that you will ever be able to prove, and my fictitious organizations should be percieved only as an imaginary threat to your personal health or security. I am not responsible for your guilty conscience or for your point of view. Blame your parents for those.

If you can think of anything I have left out of this disclaimer, I am not responsible for its omission. Please email your thoughts on this subject. They may be good for a laugh or two.

Any email submitted to this site or to any of Jeffbee's email addresses immediately becomes the sole responsibility of Jeffbee. Since this is the only thing I actually claim to own or have rights to, you may be able to get it via legal action. Please specify 3.5" floppy or 8.5X11" hard-copy when filing your lawsuit. I wouldn't want you to leave empty handed.....

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